Increase your rental income.

Capitalize your rent immediately and generate additional income in the future.

MTGS is the first European property company specialized in mobile tower ground sites.

We are independent from major telecom operators (Telefonica, Vodafone, Deutsche Telekom, Orange, …) and tower companies (Cellnex, American Tower, Telxius, …).

What do we offer?

We value your lease, with no commitment on your part, and we offer you a significant capital combined with a significant increase in your income. We offer tailor-made solutions that take into account your personal situation and your needs (land acquisition, rental, taking over the management of the site, transfer of rents, …).

The benefits of working with MTGS

  1. You immediately collect a significant capital sum,
  2. You no longer incur the risk of having your lease terminated or renegotiated downwards,
  3. You can benefit from a significant revaluation of the rental value of your site and,
  4. You generate additional income.

How do we move forward together?

We offer you to carry out a free analysis of your site, with no obligation on your part. This analysis consists in a qualitative assessment of your asset and in a valuation. Once the valuation has been carried out, we will meet with you to present our offer. Our clients receive a first payment on average within 60 days.

Our company

MTGS is the first pan-European investor in mobile tower ground and rooftop sites. Set up independently from mobile network operators and from tower companies, MTGS is focused on servicing the needs of individuals and organizations that host mobile infrastructure on their real estate.

Our customized solutions enable our clients to generate significant cash inflows, over the short term. Whether we acquire land plots, lease space over the long term or acquire future rental streams, our experts are trained to take into account each client’s specific needs.

Our success in our home market, France, had led us to roll-out our business in the rest of Continental Europe with Belgium, Spain, Italy and Greece as the first markets where we now offer clients lease monetization solutions.