The benefits of having MTGS manage your site.

As an owner collecting rent from a telecom operator or tower company, there are 3 reasons you may want MTGS to handle your lease :

1. To raise capital.

By handing over the management of your site to MTGS, you are guaranteed to obtain substantial funds that you can then use to pay down debt, finance works on your property or invest in new equipment (new elevator for a residential building in an urban area, new agricultural equipment for a farmer or cooperative).

2. To reduce your risks.

Mobile tower leases vulnerable to cancellation or renegotiation by telecom operators which are looking to control their costs. When MTGS takes over the management of your site you also transfer us 100% of all associated risks. If the lease is cancelled or renegotiated in the future, you will not have to reimburse MTGS any portion of the sales price.

3. To outsource management.

Once the transaction is completed, you no longer need to manage the lease as MTGS will take care of everything. This includes accounting, monitoring rent payments, managing the relationship with the mobile operator (or the tower company), lease renewal negotiations, etc.

4. Revalue the rental worth of your site.

In addition to the capital paid to you immediately upon completion of the transaction, MTGS will also offer you the opportunity to revalue the profitability of your site. Specifically, this can be the case if your rent is lower than the market rent as determined by various criteria (type of infrastructure, bandwidth consumption, topography, population density, etc.). MTGS will then negotiate with operators or tower companies to obtain rents in line with market practices. For example, you may be eligible for an upgrade program and receive significant increases if several telecom operators are already hosted on the mast and you only receive one rent. MTGS‘s solutions offer support from an industry expert whose interests are exclusively aligned with yours.

5. Generate additional income.

MTGS will also offer you the opportunity to earn additional revenue by providing mobile operators with hosting solutions on your existing site. Many customers have rooftop sites which may be of interest to mobile operators looking to expand or to relocate. MTGS will deal directly with the new tenants on fair terms and will pay you a multiple of the negotiated rent when the new mobile operator is installed. MTGS‘s support solution allows you to maximize the potential of your site and to hedge the risk of dismantling by receiving a non-refundable capital sum.