What is a mobile tower lease?

A mobile tower lease is a contract between a mobile operator (or a tower company such as Cellnex) and an owner, on whose land the mobile operator has installed a mast in exchange for regular rental payments.

In order to cover the whole territory, telecom operators have placed and continue to place mobile towers: (1) on the ground, for example in fields, (2) on pre-existing structures, such as electricity poles or grain silos, or (3) on rooftops in urban areas.

Operators do not usually own these sites but lease them from the site owners through mobile tower leases.

These owners then generate rental income from their land and telecom operators can roll out their mobile towers without having to fund the acquisition of a large property portfolio.

MTGS specializes in buying these mobile tower leases.

When the agreements are signed, MTGS will arrange the payment of the agreed purchase price and will buy the contractual right from the owner of the land to collect rent paid by the telecom operators in the owner’s place.

Owners may be, for example, farmers (fields), agricultural cooperatives (grain silos), water management federations (water towers), manufacturers (warehouses, factories) or residential co-owernships in urban areas (residential or office buildings).